From Our Clients

Hear from the people we have helped resolve their family law matters


We advocate for your legal rights – and your best interests. Here’s some comments from previous clients on how our solutions-based approach achieved results for them.


“Richard West is, hands-down, the best divorce lawyer in Central Florida. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and experienced, he knows how to balance the needs and concerns of a client with the technical and sometimes difficult process of divorce. Richard represented me on my divorce. I have been a practicing lawyer for over 30 years and probably the most difficult client any other attorney could encounter. He gave me space to express my feelings and influence the process without in anyway restricting or redirecting my goals. One of Richard’s particular strengths is with financial matters so anyone with a more complicated property settlement, including closely held investment or business entities, would be well advised to consult with Richard first.” – Previous Client


“Richard is an amazing, compassionate attorney. He really listens to you and understands your needs. I’ve used Richard and his team for many years now. I highly recommend them.” – Previous Client


“I was referred to Richard by another attorney. She said my divorce would require an Attorney of his caliber. She was right. Richard, and the whole team, were responsive, professional, and thoughtful. I was very pleased with the outcome of my settlement. I hope you never have to endure a divorce, but if you do, this is the guy you want in your corner. No question.” – Previous Client


“I hired Richard to represent me in my complicated divorce case. I was provided excellent service and representation. Richard is realistic, honest and very knowledgeable…I would strongly recommend him without any hesitation.” – Previous Client


“Richard West and his team are second to none. They were very thorough with each and every interaction, and handled my situation with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. I would recommend them to anyone seeking responsible and effective representation.” – Previous Client


“Shane Herbert of West Family Law Group did a phenomenal job as my divorce attorney. From the beginning he took time to really listen and dive into my case. I felt he did a great job of preparing me for what the potential (both positive and negative) and realistic outcomes could be. We reached an agreement through mediation that I was satisfied with and would absolutely recommend his services!” – Previous Client


“I was involved in a very complicated divorce which was extremely contentious. Richard West was a true professional and always tried his best to get me to the finish line as fast as possible. Fortunately we had an extremely favorable outcome because of his hard work and knowledge of the law. He is well respected by the legal community and has a great reputation.” – Previous Client


“[West Family Law Group] recently fought a very unique, difficult and long custody/child support case for me against an even more difficult and uncooperative opposing party. They achieved results that far exceeded my expectations! Richard, Shane and the entire staff welcome you and will fight hard for your family’s rights. They have the highest recommendation I can give, on a scale of 1 to 10 – they are a 15! They are readily available and will not keep you waiting or wondering. They are kind, compassionate, extremely professional and on the ball in a day and age where good help is hard to find!! You will rest at ease in the hands of Richard West, Shane Herbert and the entire staff at West Family Law, knowing that if there is a way, this firm will deliver it!” – Previous Client


“Shane provided top notch service with representing me in my divorce and relocation of minor child. He is very compassionate about your needs and provides strong guidance throughout the entire process. Excels at negotiation with opposing counsel providing quick responses and results. His services go above and beyond especially during a difficult time. I highly recommend hiring Shane for your needs.” – Previous Client


“The West Family Law Group was by far excellent in the areas of communication and personal relationship. Shane was an excellent representation of someone who took care and appreciation into consideration. I heard of Shane from a reference that had another great experience. Shane…put his professional opinion exactly where it needed to be. I was guided and informed to the fullest extent that he could provide from research to in depth conversations hearing what I had to say. Thank you for guiding me in the direction and helping me gain custody of my daughter from Florida to Georgia! I am forever in appreciation for your assistance.” – Previous Client


“After my ex filed to have our settlement thrown out I knew I had to get better representation on my behalf. I not only found better I found the best. Shane and the team at West Family Law have represented me with utmost professionalism and expertise. When I was searching for another firm I wanted them to do the work so I could focus on my family and job. I just told them my objectives and they have delivered each step of the way. They have truly afforded me exactly what I was seeking, peace of mind. Shane has been very proactive and is extremely effective at negotiating with opposing counsel. I could not be more pleased with my new law firm. Thank you.” – Previous Client


“Family Law issues are never very much fun, but the folks at West Family Law Group made a difficult time in my life much more easy to endure. I especially want to commend Shane T. Herbert, one of the principal family law attorneys at West Family Law Group. Shane worked with me tirelessly during my recent divorce, and guided me skillfully and professionally thru the maze of legal filings, responses, and all the necessary paperwork. He was always available virtually any day, and gave me reassurance and confidence that all the proceedings would be honest, fair, timely, and considerate of both me and my ex-spouse. Shane took the time to explain difficult concepts and issues, and patiently answered a myriad of questions that always seemed to need answers. He was always enthusiastic to see a stress free and cordial outcome to my case, which he took pride in following thoroughly to the very end. Shane is supported by an equally professional and skillful staff of Paralegals that always provided excellent service. West Family Law Group specializes only in Family Law cases, and thus can provide focused and customized support, with complete emphasis on this particular field of law practice. I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse West Family Law Group.” – Previous Client