creating strategic pathways for you and your children practicing marital and family law specialists in high asset and complex property distribution divorces

We know that divorce is a very difficult and emotional process. We are committed to helping you restructure your family, with as little stress and negative impact upon you, your spouse and your children as possible. Our goal is to guide you through your divorce, using our resources and expertise to secure a fair and favorable resolution – and to achieve a successful divorce with dignity.

Whether your divorce is straightforward or complex, you need an experienced law firm that will handle your divorce with care and efficiency. Our compassion, dedication and experience help set West Family Law Group apart from other family law firms for divorce, which the state of Florida calls “dissolution of marriage.”

We focus upon avoiding conflict and solving problems, helping you develop the best solutions for you, your children and your finances. We educate you on the law, achievable goals and appropriate next steps.

We carefully review with you other options to litigation, such as collaborative law. We believe that collaborative law is a good solution for most divorces, but not all. Potential advantages to the collaborative law process are quicker resolution, less expense and more privacy than litigation. Ninety percent of cases that our firm represent settle without a trial. If litigation is unavoidable, we have the skill and experience to forcefully present your case to the court.

We advise you on related family law matters as well, including the mediation process and parenting plans.

Your divorce does not have to define your life. It is not the “end” of your family. It is a restructuring of the form of your family, ideally putting the wellbeing and needs of your children first.

We serve as your guide and resource to create the best future possible for you and your children.

While every divorce is unique to specific circumstances, we do specialize in:

We also provide related family law services including:

  • mediation
  • alimony
  • child support
  • parenting plans/time sharing
  • enforcement actions
  • modification actions
  • marital agreements
  • cohabitation agreements
  • paternity

Divorce: First Steps

If you are filing for divorce

  • seek the advice of an attorney
  • decide if the collaborative approach or traditional litigation is best for you
  • know your financial assets and liabilities
    •   gather records and statements
      • bank accounts, investments, assets, credit card rewards, etc.
      • documents: payroll records, insurance, titles, deeds
    • determine your monthly expenses
    • household, children, auto, etc.
  • gather evidence of significant issues
    • domestic violence, child-related issues, etc.

If you are served with a divorce petition

  • immediately seek the advice of an attorney
  • decide if the collaborative approach or traditional litigation is best for you
  • you only have 20 days from the served date to file an answer to the Court
    • otherwise your spouse may obtain a default judgment against you
  • compile your financial and significant issues documentation (see above)

Our Strategy: Divorce Accuracy Assessment

  • first steps
    • we listen to you
    • honestly counsel and educate you on the law
    • develop strategic path
  • achievable goals
    •  analysis of law governing each goal
    • is it available? likely to happen in court?
    • assessment if unrealistic goals
  • appropriate next steps
    • impact upon children
    • cost/results analysis
    • alternatives to be considered