Marital and Cohabitation Agreements Make Good Sense

They help a couple

  • address core life goals and philosophies
  • create a solid understanding of how the family wealth will be handled during marriage and in the event of death or divorce
  • protect the assets and income of both individuals from the unknown consequences of marriage, divorce and death

They also make good financial sense. Through the agreement development process, you and your partner have serious conversations about your finances – and in so doing, gain an understanding of each other’s views on money. Agreements that are negotiated while both individuals are committed to the other’s welfare can avoid the waste of family resources in the event of divorce.

Despite a public perception that prenuptial agreements are used to disadvantage a spouse who comes into the marriage without money, they are actually a way for couples to do solid financial planning for the family. They are also a way to keep non-marital assets separate from marital assets and to provide for children from a prior relationship.

We can assist you in creating a properly negotiated and drafted marital agreement that will address issues including estate planning, taxation and the protection of business interests – plus stand up to any potential challenge in the future. We do this by:

  • establishing full and accurate disclosure of the income and assets of both parties
  • documenting the financial disclosure and the negotiations leading up to the agreement
  • insisting that the agreement is executed well in advance of a pending marriage, for prenuptial agreements
  • helping you decide on the disposition of assets – both premarital and acquired during the marriage
  • making recommendations, in concert with other attorneys, CPA’s and financial planners, as needed