The health and happiness of your children are key objectives in the development of a parenting plan detailing each parents’ time with their children after divorce.

The State of Florida no longer uses the terms “custody” or “primary residential parent.” Parents now “share time” with their children.

Every family law matter involving minor children, whether it is a divorce or a paternity case, requires the entry of a parenting plan. This plan outlines all aspects of raising your children including:

  • time sharing on a regular basis
  • time sharing on holidays
  • extra-curricular activities
  • schools
  • medical choices

A parenting plan can be entered by agreement of the parties or per a court order after an adjudicatory hearing. A parenting plan affords parents a back-up schedule to follow should the parents not agree on decisions affecting the children.

If the parents agree on decisions affecting their children, they can implement those choices. If the parents do not agree, they must follow the strictures of the parenting plan approved by the court. This is to keep parents and children out of the courts as much as possible.

At West Family Law Group, we can negotiate specialized provisions as unique as your family.