Ending a marriage with divorce or separation is difficult enough, and you shouldn’t have to worry about legal implications while you try to rebuild and heal. With an experienced family law firm like West Family Law Group, you can get the support, trust, and expertise you need in the days ahead.

Serving clients in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas, West Family Law Group provides top-ranked legal counsel and compassionate care during divorce or separation. When you trust our team with your case, you can take control of your situation while working toward your family’s benefit.

About West Family Law Group

West Family Law Group provides proven legal strategies and support for clients in the Orlando area. Our founder Richard West is board certified by the Florida Bar Association and National Board of Trial Advocacy for marital and family law and is committed to mastery in matrimonial legal solutions. West has been recognized by Orlando Magazine and Florida Trend for 12 consecutive years and has also been named to the Super Lawyers list for the Top 50 and 100 Florida Lawyers.

West Family Law Group knows exactly what it takes to work through your divorce and protect everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Our firm has been rated among the 2018 Best Law Firms in America by U.S. News and Best Lawyers and is devoted to finding optimal resolutions both in and out of the courtroom.

Whether you’re facing a heated contested divorce or want to settle things peacefully in the meeting room, West Family Law Group can help. Our team can provide you with counsel, support, and advocacy throughout your divorce process, and won’t stop until you’ve reached a best-case resolution.

West Family Law Group Practice Areas

Offering a range of divorce and separation services, West Family Law Group has served a number of clients in Orlando and surrounding areas. Our cases have included issues such as paternity and child support, modification and enforcement, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, alimony, spousal support agreements, division of assets and property, and more.

At West Family Law Group, we firmly believe you shouldn’t have to resort to expensive litigation that breeds ill-will or hard feelings. Our attorneys specialize in alternative approaches to traditional litigation, working to find solutions collaboratively through mediation, arbitration, collaborative law practices, and other methods that avoid the cost and trauma of litigation. We’ll work with you to find the best resolution – for everyone.

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If you’re contemplating or in the middle of a divorce or separation in the Orlando area, contact West Family Law Group today. We can help you learn your rights throughout this process, and even get started analyzing your case. Our firm serves clients of all backgrounds with varying circumstances, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply contact our office by phone at 407-425-8878.